Monday, 10 August 2015

Return to Lennox Heads

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Wednesday 5th August - 17 kms, Lennox Headands to Ballina Lighthouse return.

An early start saw us drinking a much needed hot coffee by 9am, on Lennox Headlands, on this very chilly but beautiful morning.

Yes, another return hike, but after nearly 3 years of 'hiking down under', we have done very well not to repeat ourselves too often. Some hikes just beg to be repeated. This is one of them. It is only the second time I've hiked it with this group, but 4 times overall. Each time it has been like walking in paradise and today was no exception. So to the people who ask us why we travel so far to hike [2 hour drive], it is for the sheer joy of walking green, grassy headlands and wide, sandy beaches. It is for the sheer joy of watching and listening to the drama of the waves as they meet the shore, under magical blue skies and today, we were time and again to witness whales playing and dolphins surfing the waves. 

Thanks Jocelyn for these 2.

Sadly I was too slow to snap the dolphins surfing.

But I just managed to get this framed shot of a yacht.

My second angle proved more successful and the crab didn't escape.

My final pic was also taken by Jocelyn and totally captures why I will make the drive again some time in the future.

'Hiking down under' on such a glorious day is definitely hard to beat.

I hope the sunshine has lifted your spirits as it did mine. I would love to read your comment.


  1. I would gladly drive two hours to hike in such a lovely spot!

  2. I disagree--- the first shot of the sailboat is marvelous! And the crab gets my vote if he decides to run for office :)

  3. So worth the two hour drive! Anytime I repeat hikes, I always end up seeing different things than I saw previous. I like hiking the same trail but in different seasons too! Thank you for taking us along with you today!

  4. Envy you hiking in different seasons Alexandra, actually all of you.
    Thanks to each of you for your lovely comments.

  5. I love the coastline around Lennox Heads... Stunning!!