Friday, 3 July 2015

Bribie Island Magic

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Wednesday 1st July

Wednesday dawned overcast, but the sky was lifting as we travelled north of the Redcliffe Peninsular, [where we had hiked last week] to Bribe Island. On crossing the bridge across Pumicestone Passage to the island, we were in awe of its early morning serenity and beauty,  and the distant views to the Glasshouse Mountains. In 1891 Archibald Meston wrote of a distinctly opposite view.



Our walk started from Bongaree Jetty, hiking south along the passage to Buckley's Hole, a tidal inlet dammed to create a freshwater lagoon.


We left the sand and continued on a dirt track through eucalpyt and paperbark wetlands, to Red Beach, at the southern end of the island. It's difficult to understand why anyone would have called it Red Beach.

The beach of soft, white sand was wide, the sky and sea a mesmerising blue and families were quietly enjoying the warmth of the emerging sun. Adding to this blissful scene were pieces of driftwood, perfect shells, noble birds and gently lapping waves.

Our collection of shells and lunch view.
After lunch we did a photo shoot of the collection.
We were concerned that it didn't appear to have that 'random' feel to it. Without warning, a wave came to our rescue.
On completing our 16 km circuit, we relaxed with a scoop of the famous 'Scoopey's' ice-cream, and played with the shells again.

A tree lined path of 5 kms connected the coastal beach to Pumicestone Passage.
We found it difficult to tear ourselves away from the warmth of the sand, and the magic of the sun sparkling across the peaceful, sky blue passage.

Nature's magic was not complete for the day. Soon after arriving home I looked out and discovered a near full moon, rising on the horizon.

Further to the north, a storm cloud was bathed in sunset pink.

Today we constantly felt that 'good to be alive' feeling and fully appreciated how fortunate we are to be able to make the most of nature, whilst 'hiking down under'.

I hope you have enjoyed our winter sunshine and warmth as you hiked with me on Bribie Island. I would love to read your comment.


  1. Beautiful beach hike! Loved that pink cloud in your last photo.

  2. The pelicans and the pink cloud were my favorites, but the series was quite fine. Again, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Linda and Bill. I love that you comment.

  4. I could almost feel the sand between my toes! Lovely seashells. My kitchen is decorated in a seashell theme as is my spare bathroom.