Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Karawatha Forest - Logan City

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Wednesday 6th May

Last week we were relieved that the weather cleared for our walk at Tallebugera Creek. Little did we know that by Friday night, 8 inches / 200 mms would have fallen in 36 hours. Fortunately where I live, the water got away quickly, but north of Brisbane lives and homes were lost.

As we arrived at Karawatha Forest, we soon realised that the water must have been a metre deep throughout much of the park. Fencing at its entrance had been pushed over by the debris caught in the wire mesh fence. Now, 5 days later, the sun shone warmly and except for a few areas with water across the track, the trail was drier than expected, even if eroded by the heavy downpour.

Our starting point and lunch spot.
We were surprised that the bark chip hadn't been completely washed away.

 Some go round it

Some go over it.

As we crossed this wooden bridge, we took time to enjoy the tranquility that had returned to the lagoon.

Our notes informed us that we should listen for the 23 varieties of frogs in the swamps. 

They were certainly in cheerful voice.

Signage was poor. Today Joc and Jen had to make the decisions.


  Karawatha Forest we will be back.

Another exceptional hiking area discovered 'down under'. What next?

I hope you have enjoyed the trail with the sound of frogs in all the swamps. I would love to read your comment.

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  1. With the frogs singing I felt like I was there with you! :) Another lovely walk.