Monday, 23 June 2014

So glad I decided to visit the ponds!

To better enjoy my photographs, please click on them to increase their size.

Life has been a little busy of late and I haven't walked around the golf ponds for a number of weeks.
Earlier in the day I had told myself that today was the day to get back to it.  I was startled when I looked at the clock and saw that the time was 10 to 5. Sunset time was 5.05, so  I quickly grabbed my shoes and, thankfully camera, and was away.

Our winter's day had reached 25C, with crisp, clear blue skies and the occasional fluffy cloud, dancing off to the horizon. At this hour there was still no need of a coat. It was a delight to be out in the fresh air. This feeling increased tenfold, when I spied the 30 odd pelicans lazily floating on the middle pond. Some were already settling on the small island for the night. The sunset colours then added to my joy.

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous."


  1. Cool pelican shots! Especially the ones at sunset.

  2. Thanks Linda. It was an unexpected magical end to the day. The sunrise this morning was very pink and misty. I wished I'd had time to take the camera and spot them again.

  3. This just proves we need to find some time and take it, when life gets busy!

  4. Wow! Outstanding photographs. I am glad you went to the ponds as well.