Sunday, 2 February 2014

Brisbane Forest Park and its Ecualpyts

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Yet again we travelled through heavy rain to our destination, Brisbane Forest Park.  It abated to a fine drizzle as we enjoyed our coffee, before hiking the Araucaria track and Corymbia circuit.

This 6.5 k hike was most enjoyable as the path hugged the indented shoreline of Enoggera Resevoir. The thick cloud cover reduced the affects of the temperature, so we weren't too sweaty on our return. The foreshore was  abundant with wildlife. 

The path took us through a variety of vegetation.

The gentle tinkling of bellbirds accompanied us, as we watched red tailed wrens darting from bush to bush. Ducks, moorhens, shags and other birds dived amongst the water lilies, whilst in the the protected legs of the reservoir, our eyes were drawn to the perfect reflections on its surface.

The sudden appearance of 2 large goannas and a red bellied black snake on separate occasions, had our heart rate racing. Research on my return assures me, that although quite venomous, the  red belly is happier to slither away than attack and its venom is rarely deadly. I also refreshed the 1st aide procedure in case of a bite.

A further 5 k's had us parked in Bellbird Grove. Here we enjoyed our particularly healthy lunch, with an open view across a grassy field, to a tree lined creek. What a wonderful picnic spot for families.

We may have been in Bellbird Grove, but their absence was particularly noticeable, after their contribution to our earlier walk. We set off on the Turrbal Circuit, which linked in with the Golden Boulder Track, a total of 3 k's.
Some ominous clouds hovered as we set off again. 

These trails took us through very different country to our morning hike.

Both tracks had us stunned by the variety colours of the eucalypts, after their shedding of their bark. I just wished I had taken the vivid red of our earlier walk. 










The Golden Boulder track informed us of the early history of gold in the area. We had no prior knowledge of this.

This trail was quite open bush once we had crossed the dry creek bed.

Lower down the trail, we discovered the creek had formed a pond, with its dark waters reflecting the gums on its bank. We found a small wall had been built to create a dam.

Our final walk was just  few k's on from Bellbird Grove, or so we thought. 15 k's later, we finally parked  at Jolly's Lookout. There were spectacular views down to  the Samford Valley. After another quick 'cuppa', we tried to set off on the Egernia Circuit, a short 1.5 k's through rainforest, but the entrance proved elusive for some 10 minutes, but was well worth the effort looking for it. A Grand finale to another awesome day walking 'down under' with friends.

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  1. So much lush greenery! I always think how the dampness in the air is so good for the skin, it is like a natural moisturizer. Once summer comes here, I will plan for some picnics along the way like yours.