Monday, 5 August 2013



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Happiness is ...................
                                         visiting with my niece Betty.

It is only a 25 min drive to Betty's, yet finding the time to take that drive, is often just too difficult.
Yesterday I had repotted all my pot plants, so I made the time to drive out to give Betty all my extra cuttings this morning. On arrival, as always, I wished I had been out sooner. A] to spend more time with Betty and B] to enjoy her garden, birdsong and wildlife.

Their wonderful bushland setting.

And in their front yard.................

On leaving home, I was almost out the front door when I decided to return for my camera - just in case! 
After a very enjoyable coffee, Betty and I set off around the garden for me to discover all the changes since my last visit. It wasn't long before I discovered these algae and I just HAD to dash back up the slope to collect my camera from the car!

Nearby were these self sown, baby staghorns.



Flowering moss

Moss and fern

The children's potted Christmas tree now growing in the garden.

Golden Grevillea Honey Gem against a winter sky.

The pet goat - Charlie

New focal points


As I stood up from taking this cute ant, I noticed movement in the tree near me. I was very surprised to discover these mountain parrots calmly relaxing under the canopy of the tree and showing no inclination for flight, even though we were so near and not exactly quiet. There were 4 and Betty said it was not an unusual occurrence.

Finally, 2 very young  native Australian Grass Heads. The 2nd sending up its 1st flower spike.

The morning rushed by and so I made my departure vowing to return sooner, rather than later.
This evening I discovered it will be 'sooner', as I have left my coat on their tank stand! 

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  1. Betty's place looks like a wonderful escape from worries and reality. It is so very pretty there!

  2. It certainly does, but alas, the path to creating it has not been easy. The economic down turn has seen Bruce having to work in Darwin. I truly admire their determination and hard work.

  3. Your niece lives in a great place! Loved the photos, especially of the birds and Charlie the goat. :)