Monday, 3 June 2013


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My sister in law had been badgering me to create cards from my photographs from early 2012. I did not respond until a few months later, when my son needed to raise a large sum for last years Rio Tinto ride of 100 km's for Cancer. He was very thankful when I was able to contribute over $500. 

I then decided to continue donating sales to Cancer Research. One purchaser commented that if I had a card with ladybirds on it, she would be able to sell heaps for me.
The ladybird had special significance for herself and friends, when a dear friend passed away from cancer of the breast.
Alas, I've  managed to snap only one ladybird since and not of great card suitability. 

Earlier this year I happened upon a cute ornamental ladybird in a hardware store and decided she would be my model. She had one outing earlier this year, to Kondalilla Falls at Monteville on the Sunshine Coast and then she went into hibernation. I've promised to take her on our hike tomorrow, on a series of walks at Brisbane Forest Park on the outskirts of NW Brisbane.

She has yet to 'star' on a card front, but that is not because she is lacking in talent. I just need a little more time for creating them.

Happiness is......
                       spotting native birds on our back fence.

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  1. WOW! What a wonderful idea you have! It is such fun now seeing how creative you are!

  2. Thank you Alexandra. My wonderful friend and neighbour Laurel, found this site called 'Superlame'. It is easy to use and so much fun for a variety of uses. Our walk yesterday was breath taking. Ladybird had such a wonderful time posing, that the thought crossed my mind, that perhaps she needs her own blog. Doubt I have the time to help her at present.

  3. that's a great idea - I would buy one of those cards with the ladybug on it. They are really cute - and I like the thought bubbles.